Thinking about things

ETHICS - "Do good, Be good" - Esther J

I have been reading, talking, discussing, researching and writing about Black Russian Terriers for quite a while now. Before I ever got a BRT, I could quote all kinds of facts and figures. I could tell you the main stream thoughts, and the offshoot, or off in left field thinkers' opinions. I know the stats on testing, how many do it, how many don't, many times what the percentages are for the results.

Now I am not a brain surgeon, or rocket scientist (I do have a brother in law who is though:-).
But I am lucky...I could have been if I wanted to. Many times, given the kind of person I am and what I am capable of, people have asked me what do I really want to do? For a long time I thought it was to be a biological illustrator. I was accepted to a college with a double major in art and science. Then my parents divorced. No university for me, but I started working, going to the JC, and paying my own way so my sisters could go. That is when I was still shy, and had a lot of opinions but kept them to myself. I wanted a job with quiet and isolation, so my inherant empathy, logic, and sense of right and wrong wouldn't be stepped on all the time.

I learned a lot about me around then, and definitely came out of my shell. Mostly I learned that the part time dispatching job for a security company was right up my alley. I knew emergency dispatch was going to be my life's passion. In my police interview I said wanted to be in the hot seat, "Because they stand on a wall and say, 'Nothing's going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch'." - (A Few Good Men).

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