Black Russian Terriers

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Breeding with Integrity

Brt Homework



Please read more about the breed on the web, chat or talk to people;

Go see them at a show or visit the Paladin Black Russian Terrier  Kennel. Know if you are in the market for a show or pet dog.  A physical characteristic that keeps a dog out of the ring, can still be a wonderful companion dog!


Review our  page: How to decide if a Black Russian Terrier is for you.


Then before you buy any dog, ask for these materials or information (you              have the right to know) :


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Puppy Application  <-----click this link!

     We need to know more about you, so we can match

     you with the right puppy.

Puppy Purchase Contract  (email us for contract)

     Just spelling out what is expected of both sides.

Breeding Contract  (email us for contract)

Breeding with our females willl be offered after completion of acceptable health screenings and when developmentally appropriate.

Stud Services Contract  (email us for contract)

Stud services will be available after our dogs reach 2 years of age, pending acceptable heath screens.

Whether  you become a forever home for a Paladin BRT or not, or  the new parent of any breed,  here are some things to think about.


The first reasons for breeding dogs were to develop better suited animals for the job at hand. If your draft dog has bad hips and hurts too much to bring the crops in, your family might not make it through the winterr. Or say at 4 yrs old he goes blind  or passes away.  For all the training and food there was invested in the dog, there was also an expectation of hard work for as many years as possible.


Breeding is supposed to be a careful selection to not only improve the health of a breed, but to preserve the proper characteristics of the breed.  For working breeds that means the body functions correctly, and the mind is agile, the dog will work reliably, and with a good temperament.


Research the pedigrees of the dogs you are considering. Breeding lines can have different characteristics, including temperament.


You have a right to see  and have pedigrees, health testing...and the results. (Just because an animal is tested, doesn't mean he passed).


Ask how long the parents or grandparents lived. How many puppies were in the litter.


Paladin 11 cropped

Paladin BRT wants you to know...

  • Copies of the pedigree

  • Provide copies of health tests and results.

  • Copies of importation documemts

  • Registration transfer paperwork

  • DNA testing results

  • What temperament is the line reputed to have?

   •   JLPP or Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and        

        Polynuropathy is the most important test to do.

   •   If JLPP, HUU, hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia is missing from the results, you should ask directly why. Could there be other missing tests?

  • Are there any instances of off-color dogs in the last several generations? This might not be important to you, if the dog is only to be a pet. But, there is evidence that colored dogs are more excitable,

        resulting in more bites. . 

Owner: Esther Jobrack , California, USA                                 Website : "Artfully Designed" by Esther J