Black Russian Terriers

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Paladin Black russian Terriers -

the Right dog for You?


  Getting any dog is an important decision.

     How many times have you spontaneously, or emotionally purchased something, and it sits in a closet

     unworn, or used only rarely? Don't we usually feel a little silly about ourselves?


  Puppies are so ADORABLE!

     It is especially easy to want, gift, or buy a puppy. They need us so much, Puppies touch our

     heartstrings. They often fill a desire for closeness, or help us through a situation or emotion.


  Unfortunately live things cannot live in a closet, or a kennel day in and day out.

     Paladin believes this breed cannot even be kept solely in the backyard.  We keep our Black Russian

     Terriers very close by, They crave it, and need it to be balanced.


  Raising a good dog is HARD WORK. With proper nurturing, training, discipline and time spent working with

     a Paladin puppy, the closer the connection to you. It is vastly rewarding.  Can you get up every time the

     puppy misbehaves and make an immediate correction? Are you able to attentively guide his actions?


  A Paladin BRT will be a big dog. Especially the males can reach 140 pounds. This is a very physical breed.

     They are smart, quick to learn good or bad, figure things out, and agile. Can you teach your puppy that

     you are the leader?  Are you able to introduce the pupply to every situation you can think of? Teach him

     that if you think a person is ok...the dog must defer to your judgement?  He will want to guard you, and

     your home with vigor. You must be able to handle this dog if he decides he must charge.


  We encourge you to read as many articles as you can (in the 2 years before getting our Armani, every day

     the web browser was told to search for Black Russian Terriers. Everything to read was read.  Having had

     experience with many breeds, we  believe this breed is special and different from most others.

     Knowing the subtleties, personality and nature of any breed is definitely important.  It will be even more

     important for you to watch and figure out what your dog will do before he does it. Only a close and

     attentive relationship from both sides will develop that level of team work.


  Please, we urge you to make honest evaluations of your life, way of living, energy, family, and

     experience with guardian or working dog types. And if a BRT is for you, contact us!



                                                                                  Esther Jobrack, Owner

                                                                                  Paladin Black Russian Terriers

Paladin 11 cropped

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