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The Paladin concept

Paladin -

English: pal·a·din [pal-uh-din] -any knightly or heroic champion. (Charlemagne, Roland, Arthur history and legends).

Russian: паладин - [pah'-luh-din] - Любой Найтли или героический чемпион


We have a special connection to this word in our family. Especially for my mother, who is gone now. Our household was always humming the TV theme song as we grew up. I can remember watching it on a  black and white television...when television was a big event. You might notice our is an idea derived from the symbol on the tv was a chess piece...the knight.  


But more importantly, we grew up knowing that "doing good and being good", was the proper way to live. We know it matters what you do when no one is looking. We believe we each have the power to decide what is right and wrong, and that we make the choice what actions we take (and don't take).


Our family is loyal, patriotic, honest and ethical. We are often the mouse that roars;  we are the shield for the weak and beaten;  we are the spear for the helpless; and we are a light on a dark night. We are close and we are united.  That way of life spreads to how we deal out in the world.


So...after my first Black Russian Terrier, Armani, came into my life...I thought long and hard about the qualities that he exhibited. He, in many ways, is the canine version of my family's values. My quest for a kennel name brought me to many words like guardian, hero, champion, valiant, was a very long list. I translated them to Russian, and listened to the sound and cadence.


Paladin doesn't have a definition in Russian, other than the noun used in chronicals and legends about the special knights of Charlemagne, Roland, and King Arthur. Google Translator being the handy thing it is...gave me the English definition translated into Russian. I am half Ukranian myself, so I thought It would be fun.

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